Welcome to Newport Bleach!


We set out on a mission to make the merch we wish your favorite bands/artists made.  We've taken some of the famous imagery and art these greats have used to create a piece of wearable art already beat up and worn in for you to enjoy.

All of our new vintage shirts are 1/1.  That means no one else on this planet will have the design you buy on that style shirt ever again.  It may show up on a different color or style garment in the future though so don't stress if you miss your favorite on the first round.

For some of our more asked for designs we create an open edition run which are available until we decide they aren't anymore. 

Every one of our shirts has been hand distressed, triple washed, has 2 arm holes, and is buttery soft.  We've sourced some incredible micro lenzing modal shirts that have a great flow and wear to them.

Last but not least each of our shirts are the same size.  “But but but I wear a _____!?”  Our shirts are meant to be long, flowy, oversized.  Throw a flannel over it, cut off the sleeves, roll em up.  Embrace your inner rock star and make it yours.

Check the sizing tab to see the actual measurements.

Thank you for visiting and hope you enjoy your stay.